James Baker’s 7 Rules for Running Washington

Sometimes, more aggressive strategies of press management were required. In 1990, treacherous weather nearly derailed a superpower summit with the Soviets, which had been set to take place aboard ships in Malta. When the logistics debacle threatened to become the narrative, Baker, by then the secretary of state, told Tutwiler to immediately feed the media … Leer más

DeSantis flings open Florida in Trump’s campaign for normalcy

Trump has a history of downplaying the threat of coronavirus and repeatedly predicting an economic renewal, only to see Covid-19 cases surge along with hospitalizations and deaths in different parts of the country. This spring, DeSantis similarly fumed at his critics for predicting a wave of coronavirus cases would overtake Florida under his leadership, only … Leer más

How the left killed another major NYC development

The project’s fate was sealed when Velázquez began corralling other opponents to lobby against the plans, four sources with knowledge of the events said. The developers pulled the plug on Tuesday, six years after launching the undertaking, citing the growing political opposition and the absence of a champion in City Hall. The outcome for Industry … Leer más

Terror probe opened after 2 wounded in Paris knife attack

Police cordoned off the area, including the former Charlie Hebdo offices, after a suspect package was noticed nearby, but the package was found to be harmless and no explosives were found, according a police official. An investigation was opened into “attempted murder in relation with a terrorist enterprise,” according to an official at the prosecutor’s … Leer más

Trump team braces for a presidential self-own

POLITICO Illustration/AP Photo Donald Trump will face Joe Biden for the first of three presidential debates on Tuesday. POLITICO’s Gabby Orr and Scott Bland dive into how the president is prepping — or not — for the big day … and why some of his supporters worry Trump has set a trap for himself by … Leer más