Sullivan order on emergency motion

A federal judge on Tuesday night ordered the U.S. Postal Service to reverse limitations on mail collection imposed by the Trump administration, giving the agency until Wednesday morning to inform workers of the court’s changes as more mail-in ballots continue to flood in. Fuente original

Gig companies open the door to campaigning by app

Bad actors and rival nations have already manipulated tech platforms in attempts to shape American political outcomes. Given how much data is stored on their servers, data privacy experts fear the tech companies themselves could influence the electorate when they face an existential threat like the gig companies do in California. “If you’re Uber, you’re … Leer más

Lobbying firm cuts ties with Turkey under pressure

“A lot of people have bought a lot of summer homes and fishing boats and put their grandkids through college by lying about Armenia and covering up for Azerbaijan,” he said. The Armenian National Committee and another group, the Armenian Assembly of America, tried to put pressure on Mercury by holding protests outside its offices … Leer más

How Trump could repeat 2016

Bill Kuchman/POLITICO Illustration By almost every measure, the likely outcome is that Joe Biden will win the White House. Yet less than two weeks before Election Day, the unfolding reality of 2020 is that it’s harder than ever to be sure. POLITICO’s Charlie Mahtesian and Scott Bland lay out why they’re not ruling out another … Leer más

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It could be that the page has moved to a different location, or there might have been an error in the URL you were trying to access. Also, you can try using the search box to the right or choosing from one of our recent stories below. If you think the link is broken, please … Leer más