Fed Chair: Important that the debt ceiling be raised to avoid default

Fed Chair: Important that the debt ceiling be raised to avoid default 1 00:00:00,150 –> 00:00:05,610 >> It’s just very important that that the debt ceiling be raised in a timely fashion so that the United States can 2 00:00:05,610 –> 00:00:11,890 pay its bills when it as they come due. That’s that’s a critically … Leer más

The most powerful network of Democratic donors has a new president

“We are facing existential threats, our democracy is under attack from within,” she said. “The role of the Democracy Alliance and the role of donors now is to invest deeply and urgently and strategically in addressing the crisis we face in our democracy and in building this long-term progressive infrastructure that we need.” Shifman succeeds … Leer más

House Democrats introduce $1B funding bill for Israel’s Iron Dome

“The United States’ commitment to the security of our friend and ally Israel is ironclad. Replenishing interceptors used to protect Israel from attacks is our legal and moral responsibility,” DeLauro (D-Conn.) said in a statement Wednesday. “While this funding would ordinarily be included in a year-end spending package, we are advancing this legislation now to … Leer más

The porn industry turns to K Street to fight Trump-fueled Internet regulations

The Free Speech Coalition, a trade organization for the adult entertainment industry, has enlisted two lobbyists at Clarity Consulting, a D.C.-based lobbying firm: Keith Nelson, a former Republican Hill staffer and Bush White House alumnus, along with Shawn Delaney, a longtime lobbyist with Democratic ties. In doing so, it became the first group to register … Leer más

Opinion | Why Sane Republicans Are Purging Themselves

Last week, Gonzalez (Ohio), the 37-year-old former rising star, announced that he wouldn’t stay and fight his Trump-backed primary challenger, walking away from what had once been a safe seat in Congress. The decision was greeted with dismay among anti-Trumpers of both parties who saw Gonzalez’s survival as a test of whether Trump’s grip on … Leer más