Canadian finance minister resigns amid contracting scandal

In a statement, Trudeau thanked Morneau for his work and voiced support for his OECD bid. “Today, I spoke with Bill Morneau and accepted his resignation,» the prime minister said. «Canada will vigorously support his bid to lead this important global institution that will play a critical role in the global economic recovery.» When asked … Leer más

Removal of Voltaire statue in Paris only temporary, officials say

On Monday, an anonymous — now deleted — Twitter account claimed the mayoral office had removed the statue permanently. Several politicians and journalists retweeted and reacted to the news, including lawmakers from President Emmanuel Macron’s La République En Marche (LREM). «I don’t understand the political message we want to get across by removing a statue … Leer más

Thousands gather in Belarus to protest Lukashenko’s rule

The situation has caused cracks in the Belarusian political establishment. The country’s ambassador to Slovakia and former Lukashenko aide, Igor Leshchenya, has declared solidarity with protesters in Minsk. Lukashenko also organized a rally for his supporters on Sunday, a few hours before the massive pro-democracy march. Addressing thousands of supporters in front of the country’s … Leer más

Fundraising Remix: The Zoom where it happens

POLITICO Illustration/Getty Images In-person events have long been the bedrock of political fundraising. So what happens when a global pandemic takes away in-person fundraisers? … They go to Zoom. Sure, there’s awkwardness and technical difficulties, but they are helping both campaigns raise record amounts of money. And even in a post-coronavirus world, this looks like … Leer más

DeSantis: Florida will need help making ends meet

DeSantis handed down $1 billion in vetoes before signing this year’s $92.3 billion state budget in June. That savings, along with signs of improvement in revenue from the state sales tax, could help bridge the budget gap from increased Medicaid costs. Since the pandemic started, DeSantis has been able to authorize spending without legislative interference … Leer más