Super PAC hits Parnell on protective orders requested by wife

Then, the ad references a recent story in the Philadelphia Inquirer, saying court and police records show that Parnell’s wife called 911 and sought protective orders against him in 2017 and 2018. The ad goes on to say that Parnell’s wife was later let go from the charity that Parnell runs, which she sued. The … Leer más

Politicians have evolved into political entrepreneurs

Politicians have evolved into political entrepreneurs 1 00:00:00,300 –> 00:00:07,560 >> I believe that’s the correct spelling meet 2 00:00:07,560 –> 00:00:08,850 his friend. 3 00:00:09,760 –> 00:00:10,130 >> Good. 4 00:00:10,180 –> 00:00:15,600 >> Can you pay it as the weekend wrap. And this 5 00:00:15,600 –> 00:00:21,360 week was the California recall which … Leer más

Why Republicans Are Scared of Texas’ New Abortion Ban

For decades, Republican state lawmakers have been able to vote for and pass highly restrictive abortion laws without living through the political consequences, because the laws were typically enjoined by the courts before they ever took effect. The politicians got to check the pro-life box important to a segment of their voters without their constituents … Leer más

Pelosi vs. everybody: Dems’ high-wire health care act

On Democrats’ health care conundrum “Progressives are feeling like they’ve already compromised so much and given up so much to get where we are now. They began with wanting to really move towards a ‘Medicare for All’-style system. Then they reduced their demands to just lowering the age of Medicare so that more people can … Leer más

Trump calls upcoming ‘Justice for J6’ rally a ‘setup’

The shift in messaging has aimed to cast those on trial as “political prisoners.” There are more than 600 people charged in the Jan. 6 Capitol breach. Trump used his platform to fuel that narrative on Thursday, once again projecting his false claim — the very one that drove the insurrectionists to the Capitol on … Leer más

Dan Crenshaw is building a young activist army, one summit at a time

The crowd — hundreds of teenagers and 20-year-old conservatives largely from Texas — went absolutely wild. “Like a good politician, I have to say Congressman Crenshaw is what you’ll see next,” Crenshaw said. “I don’t know, you know, but to answer that honestly, always will keep options open.” It was a brief moment in a … Leer más

Opinion | The Stolen-Election Myth Has Become an Albatross for the GOP

To his credit, Elder graciously conceded on Tuesday night, but his talk of stolen elections was arguably his biggest misstep of the campaign. His landslide defeat is the latest evidence that the idea the 2020 presidential election was stolen is poison for Republicans. It’s not as though Elder, a talk-radio show host with no political … Leer más

Pope: No place for politics in Biden Communion flap

Pope Francis said that priests and bishops must respond pastorally and not politically to any problem that comes before them. | Filippo Monteforte, Pool/AP Photo By ASSOCIATED PRESS 09/15/2021 11:39 AM EDT ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE — Pope Francis said Wednesday that Catholic bishops must minister to politicians who back abortion with “compassion and tenderness,” … Leer más