Latino Dems warn about midterm fall-off

But even after a presidential election marked by former President Donald Trump’s impressive gains with Latinos across the country — not just in Latino-heavy South Texas and South Florida — they see a lack of urgency in addressing those issues. Between that and a failure to keep pace with GOP efforts to communicate with Latinos … Leer más

GOP pulls debate threat from Trump playbook

“It certainly gives the candidate more of an out if they’ve decided debating is to their disadvantage to be able to say, ‘The party rules prevent me from accepting’ the commission’s invitation,” said Trevor Potter, a former chair of the Federal Election Commission who served as general counsel to Republican John McCain’s two presidential campaigns. … Leer más

The Republican War Over a Republican State

Nevertheless, Bundy dismissed McGeachin’s governor-for-a-day anti-mandate orders as “a political gimmick. The only one they benefit is her.” What would he have done in her place? “I would have done what I did do, rally the people. I would have used the office of the lieutenant governor to unite the legislature to end the [governor’s] … Leer más

Trump superfans dream of a run again, and of JFK Jr. on the ticket

If Kallatsa was worried about sounding too conspiratorial, he shouldn’t have been. He was not alone among the crowd in believing that JFK Jr. is not only still alive but is also a secret Trump supporter embedded far in the “deep state.” One attendee was spotted wearing a red shirt with the faces of Trump, … Leer más

Kristi Noem’s on a Political Rocket Ship. But Don’t Rule Out a Crash.

“She’s not the governor that people think she is,” said Taffy Howard, a state representative and conservative hard-liner who has clashed with Noem and is challenging Dusty Johnson, the state’s Republican congressman, in his House primary this year. “Everybody’s like, ‘We love your governor, she didn’t shut down your state,’” Howard said. “It’s the conservatives … Leer más

MAGA hats and QAnon: Inside Trump’s first rally of 2022

Former President Donald Trump’s rally Saturday night in Florence, Ariz., was an attempt to add a distinctly MAGA tilt to the midterm election season. But for the thousands of his most faithful followers — some of whom traveled to the rally site at Canyon Moon Ranch from neighboring states — it was a chance to … Leer más

A pro-business retired cop sparks liberal revolt in first few weeks as mayor

That dynamic, which is shaping up after a particularly fractious contest to lead the City Council, threatens to burden the city’s new executive with policy challenges at a time when most mayors are at the peak of their power. “He was not my first pick,” said Stanley Fritz, political and campaigns director for Citizen Action … Leer más

Trump kicks off midterm year still stuck on last election

“The fake news and the lamestream media … they refused to talk about it,” Trump said of his false election claims. “They say, ‘well it is unsubstantiated and the big lie.’ The big lie. The big lie is a lot of bullshit. That’s what it is.” “If an election were held today, we would trounce … Leer más