Netanyahu misses deadline to form government in Israel

The turmoil does not mean that Netanyahu will immediately be forced out as prime minister. But he suddenly faces a serious threat to his lengthy rule. His opponents already have been holding informal talks in recent weeks to lay the groundwork for a power-sharing deal. He suffered a last minute defeat late Tuesday after a … Leer más

Trump launches blog to connect with followers on eve of big Facebook decision

One senior Trump adviser indicated that the portal is only the beginning of his online comeback. «President Trump’s website is a great resource to find his latest statements and highlights from his first term in office, but this is not a new social media platform,» tweeted Jason Miller, a longtime adviser. «We’ll have additional information … Leer más

Jenner backs transgender athlete ban for girls’ sports in schools

Caitlyn Jenner speaks at the fourth Women’s March in Los Angeles. | Damian Dovarganes/AP Photo Caitlyn Jenner, a Republican candidate for California governor, said in a new interview that female transgender athletes should be barred from competing on all-girls school sports teams. “This is a question of fairness,” Jenner told TMZ on Saturday. “That’s why … Leer más

‘I Got Obama’d’ – POLITICO

But it seemed to work. In most cases, he could help people come to a solution—one that left their dignity intact. “I had no trouble getting clients,” he said. “People often came against the advice of lawyers. They wanted somebody who was going to be different.” Eventually, he and other colleagues helped invent the field … Leer más

Delayed census data kicks off flood of redistricting lawsuits

«We will see a lot of lawsuits,» said Kathay Feng, the national redistricting director at the good government group Common Cause, chuckling at a question about how much litigation there will be this redistricting cycle. Redistricting, she said, “is always a breeding ground for people who are discontent with the results.” But the litigation is … Leer más

The woman who is everyone’s second-favorite candidate for New York mayor

Candidates emphasizing those problems over their ideological platforms have so far been faring better in the polls, but that benefit has not been extended to Garcia. She jumped into the race late and took longer to raise money than her rivals, some of whom have been plotting mayoral runs for years. “If it’s going to … Leer más

Hillary Clinton talks Afghanistan, Russia and Giuliani

Her focus, however, would be «on what happens to the people, particularly the women in Afghanistan, if the Taliban come back into power, if the government collapses,» she said, echoing concerns among some about a potential power vacuum after U.S. forces leave. If that happened, she said she hoped the U.S. and its allies would … Leer más