Canvassing, interrupted – POLITICO

POLITICO Illustration/AP Photo Donald Trump’s campaign says it knocks on a million doors a week. Joe Biden’s campaign says it knocks on zero. Host Scott Bland talks to Miles Baker — former door knocker, organizer and current political strategist — about the silver linings of the pandemic. Halting in-person canvassing has actually been a useful … Leer más

Progressives alarmed by Rice’s vast financial investments

“It makes them look like hypocrites,” NoiseCat said, echoing other activists. If elected vice president, Rice would be the first Black woman ever to hold the office and the first in modern times to have never run for elected office before. Because she’s never been put through the crucible of a campaign as a candidate, … Leer más

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine says second Covid-19 test is negative

According to a statement from DeWine’s office, the Republican governor’s diagnosis was discovered “as part of the standard protocol to greet” the president on the tarmac when he arrived in Cleveland to deliver a speech, tour a manufacturing facility and hold a fundraiser. The statement revealed that DeWine, whose response to the pandemic had been … Leer más

Death by dark money: The Americanization of British democracy

The ensuing furor even prompted Nick Timothy — once the right-hand man to former Prime Minister Theresa May — to warn about sleaze and corruption in British politics. “We should not be surprised that members of this privileged class scratch one another’s backs, but that does not mean we should meekly and passively accept it,” … Leer más

‘Bad news’ for Turkey’s marginalized Christians

In early July, however, a Turkish court annulled the law that made the Hagia Sophia a museum amid growing calls for its reconversion, allowing Erdoğan to decree the site a mosque. The decision prompted condemnation from many of Turkey’s Western allies and Orthodox Christians around the globe. Turkey’s Christians took a more cautious approach, with … Leer más

Newsom searches for messaging rhythm as coronavirus fatigue sets in

The follow-up press conference was the only one Newsom held last week. This Monday, Newsom announced «good news» that California’s case count had declined by 21 percent. But that message was undermined in subsequent days when county health officers said that data reporting problems had caused an undercount. Peter Ragone, who served as Newsom’s mayoral … Leer más

CIA steers clear of Senate Republican probe into Bidens

The agency’s reluctance to engage with the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, which Johnson chairs, underscores the intelligence community’s doubts about the probe. And while it is unlikely to deter Johnson from moving forward, it could give Democrats more support as they seek to rebut Trump and GOP allegations that Biden is corrupt. … Leer más