FBI says it interviewed FedEx mass shooter last year

The shooter was identified as Brandon Scott Hole, 19, of Indianapolis, Deputy Police Chief Craig McCartt told a news conference. Investigators searched a home in Indianapolis associated with Hole and seized evidence, including desktop computers and other electronic media, McCartt said. Hole began firing randomly at people in the parking lot of the FedEx facility … Leer más

WATCH: Racism in America keeps rearing its head and Washington responds

Testimony ended Thursday in the murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer DEREK CHAUVIN, and lawmakers find themselves in a very familiar bind — how to address the issue of racism in America. On Tuesday, President Joe Biden was asked about the protests over DAUNTE WRIGHT’S shooting. The next day, Sen. MAZIE HIRONO (D-Hawaii) opened … Leer más

‘A nicer version of Trump’: GOP donors flock to DeSantis

“He’s in the top tier, should he choose to run for president,” Pope said. As the Republican Party charts its path forward, national donor interest in DeSantis is skyrocketing. Major givers across the country are lining up to support the governor’s 2022 reelection effort, with some committing to hosting fundraising events and others plowing funds … Leer más

The GOP-Big Business Divorce Goes Deeper Than You Think

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, a legendary business professor and associate dean at the Yale School of Management, has watched this split grow in recent years, and has heard it from CEOs he knows and works with. What the GOP cares about and what major businesses care about are, increasingly incompatible, he says. “The political desire to use … Leer más

Pence has pacemaker implanted – POLITICO

Former Vice President Mike Pence speaks on January 4, 2021 in Milner, Georgia. | Megan Varner/Getty Images Former Vice President Mike Pence had a pacemaker implanted on Wednesday, his office announced in a release Thursday. After being named to Donald Trump’s ticket in 2016, Pence disclosed that he had been diagnosed with an asymptomatic left … Leer más

Yang tweets about street vendors — and ignites fury on the left

“No one is saying this but you,” the NYC chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America, which has not endorsed in the race, tweeted Sunday. “We don’t need more cops arresting street vendors.” The fight over street vendors in New York City encompasses multiple hot debates — from aggressive policing of women selling churros in … Leer más

The left wants more from Newsom, but recall shadow looms large

The Democratic governor has an unexpected balancing act in his third year in office. Doubling down on progressive priorities could energize his party’s base, but he has to avoid alienating centrists and giving fodder to opponents eager to portray him as an overreaching liberal. Newsom has already moved to quell progressive unrest by securing endorsements … Leer más

Florida House passes contentious transgender sports ban

House and Senate Republicans in Florida have seized on women’s sports as a priority in 2021, following the path of more than 20 other GOP-leaning states that are using the issue to limit transgender rights. LGBTQ advocacy groups like Equality Florida are aligned with the majority of Democrats in opposing the legislation, arguing it would … Leer más

WATCH: Biden is trying to redefine politics

In an effort to push through its agenda, the Biden administration is attempting to redefine basic political concepts. Is the strategy working? This week RYAN breaks down the words that have defined Biden’s presidency so far: bipartisanship, crisis and infrastructure. The administration is even pushing back over what should be the marker for Biden’s 100 … Leer más