Azar declines to back Trump when pressed about the 25th Amendment

Pressed again on the subject of the 25th Amendment, Azar said: “It would not be appropriate for me to discuss — and I never have — my conversations with colleagues or with the president and vice president.” Azar’s refusal to back Trump by definitively shutting down speculation about the Cabinet’s 25th Amendment deliberations represents a … Leer más

Republican megadonor Sheldon Adelson dies

Largely apolitical for decades, Adelson became a donor of colossal sums late in his life. His influence spread far and wide, as he and his wife, Miriam, donated to campaigns and causes through assorted super PACs. In 2012, Adelson became the largest individual donor in American electoral history, injecting more than $90 million into the … Leer más

Pope prays for dead in Capitol rioting, appeals for calm

A mob stormed the Capitol after U.S. President Donald Trump exhorted a rally of supporters to head to the building and “fight like hell” to protest his U.S. loss in November’s presidential election, which he, with no factual basis, claims was “stolen.” The rioting left a Capitol police officer and four others dead. “I offer … Leer más

How @realDonaldTrump Changed Politics — and America

At the same time the account made its mark on politics, so did it color American culture. Trump’s pithy, idiomatic speech patterns translated to Twitter in a manner that became comic shorthand in American life, whether earnestly or ironically: “Sad!,” “WITCH HUNT!,” “STOP THE COUNT!” He even added a new word to the English lexicon, … Leer más