When Gen Z is the source of the misinformation it consumes

The post has a galvanizing visual power because of its self-made quality, her youthfulness and the genuine outrage behind her complaint. All are markers of authenticity and credibility to Generation Z, the first Americans who grew up in a social media-dominated ecosystem. The tirade was quickly viewed more than 2 million times on Twitter and … Leer más

6 things to know about Gen Z, politics and 2020

1) Gen Z is driven by anti-Trump backlash While all registered voters are almost split down the middle on Trump’s performance in office, Gen Z has a much dimmer view of the president, with about two thirds of respondents disapproving of his performance. If the election were held today, only a quarter of Gen Zers … Leer más

Black Lives Matter launches a political action committee

The PAC’s formation is the latest in a wave of political efforts from social justice organizations ahead of the November election. In late September the Movement for Black Lives, a coalition of more than 50 organizing groups nationwide, launched The Frontline initiative to turn out the vote among young people of color. Black Lives Matter … Leer más

Trump stock market soars — and wealthy reap gains

Bill Kuchman/POLITICO Illustration President Donald Trump regularly promotes the soaring stock market as a barometer of the economy’s health. But the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans own 50 percent of the value of stocks held by individual households — and investors aren’t sharing the wealth. POLITICO’s Victoria Guida explains how this gap is fueling an … Leer más

What California’s new equity rule means for economic reopening

The Covid-19 pandemic has laid stark the health disparities that have long existed, with poor, Black, Latino, Pacific Islander and Native communities being hardest hit by the pandemic. Latinos, for example, make up about 40 percent of the state’s population, but account for more than 60 percent of coronavirus cases and half the deaths. California’s … Leer más