Hurricane Sally threatens historic floods

Up to a foot of rain had fallen already on the coast by Tuesday night and Sally’s lumbering pace meant there would likely be extended deluges. “A hurricane moving at 2 mph is stalled for all intents and purposes,” said Brian McNoldy, a hurricane researcher at the University of Miami. “If they aren’t moving along … Leer más

Japan’s prime minister steps down

He said his health is improving thanks to treatment and that he, as a lawmaker, will support his successor-to-be, Yoshihide Suga, from now on. He also thanked the people for their understanding and strong support for the upcoming leadership under Suga. Suga, chief Cabinet secretary for Abe’s government and long seen as his right-hand man, … Leer más

Opinion | Trump’s TikTok Policy Is Just a New Kind of ‘Security Theater’

Instead, it’s better to understand these actions as a form of security theater. Coercing TikTok is less a serious policy to protect American phones and data than it is a cousin of the elaborate Transportation Security Administration screening rituals that took root after 9/11: A way for Washington to look like it’s doing something to … Leer más

Judge strikes down Pennsylvania virus policies

The governor’s efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus “were undertaken with the good intention of addressing a public health emergency,” Stickman wrote. “But even in an emergency, the authority of government is not unfettered.” Courts had consistently rejected challenges to Wolf’s power to order businesses to close during the pandemic, and many other … Leer más

Illinois AG brings his South Side upbringing into criminal justice

Color is hardly the only factor. Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris climbed the ladder of California politics as the state’s attorney general before getting elected to the Senate. Yet while she’s aligned herself with the movement to make a less punitive criminal justice system, her past tough-on-crime positions as San Francisco district attorney dogged … Leer más

Voting machine hearing hijacked by images of 9/11, swastikas and porn

In this Nov. 5, 2019, file photo, Courtney Parker votes on a new voting machine, in Dallas, Ga. | Mike Stewart/AP Photo By ASSOCIATED PRESS 09/11/2020 12:00 PM EDT A federal hearing on a challenge to Georgia’s voting machines was interrupted Friday when someone began posting video and symbols, including images from the Sept. 11 … Leer más

Trump Is at War With the Shallow State

The plot is playing out now in familiar ways. Prominent people typically went to work for Trump thinking he seems like a jerk but, hey, he was elected, after all. So they calculated that maybe he’s not so bad and that the compensations in power and status of an important job were worth the trade. … Leer más

Is Puerto Rico the Next Senate Battleground?

“People in the continental U.S. think that Puerto Ricans are going to vote Democratic, but on the other hand, the conservative values and Latin traditions are more akin to the values of a Republican Party,” said José Garriga Picó, a political scientist and former member of the Puerto Rican Legislature. “You can’t really predict what … Leer más