Is Lindsey Graham Actually in Trouble in South Carolina?

Harrison could not have foreseen that things in his state would get even worse because of the coronavirus pandemic. In early July, the New York Times reported that, adjusted for population size, South Carolina had the third-worst outbreak in the world, with 2,300 confirmed new cases per million residents over the preceding week. Meanwhile, the … Leer más

Protests erupt after tainted election in Belarus

Tikhanovskaya was a surprise replacement for her husband Sergei, a popular blogger who was arrested when he tried to launch a presidential campaign. She held large rallies in Minsk and in provincial cities, riding a groundswell of popular discontent at Lukashenko, who has been in power since 1994. The lopsided margin of victory is seen … Leer más

How ‘San Francisco Democrats’ Took Over the Country

Longtime California political players say Harris’ ascendancy, from San Francisco district attorney to California attorney general to U.S. senator to presidential contender, reflects her political acumen and a sense of where the electorate is leaning. That combination of people skills and instincts allowed her to accumulate power in the Bay Area without being forced into … Leer más

Zelensky calls on Ukrainians not to interfere in U.S. election

On Friday, Bill Evanina — director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center — released a statement on threats to the presidential election. He said the intelligence community has assessed that the governments of China and Iran want Trump to lose reelection, and that the Kremlin is working to help Trump win. The entire statement … Leer más

Canvassing, interrupted – POLITICO

POLITICO Illustration/AP Photo Donald Trump’s campaign says it knocks on a million doors a week. Joe Biden’s campaign says it knocks on zero. Host Scott Bland talks to Miles Baker — former door knocker, organizer and current political strategist — about the silver linings of the pandemic. Halting in-person canvassing has actually been a useful … Leer más

Progressives alarmed by Rice’s vast financial investments

“It makes them look like hypocrites,” NoiseCat said, echoing other activists. If elected vice president, Rice would be the first Black woman ever to hold the office and the first in modern times to have never run for elected office before. Because she’s never been put through the crucible of a campaign as a candidate, … Leer más