Congress could provide stability to space program in an election year

One way to insulate the space agency from unnecessary turmoil is for Congress to pass a NASA authorization bill for the first time in three years, says Mike French, a former NASA chief of staff who is now vice president of space systems at the Aerospace Industries Association. “Having an authorization absolutely provides that level … Leer más

Trump's blueprint for victory

After watching President Donald Trump’s inaugural address in January 2017, George W. Bush reportedly turned to Hillary Clinton in bewilderment and uttered a phrase that has come to define much of the Trump era: “Well, that was some weird shit.” Bush, who was not invited to the 2020 GOP convention this week, probably speaks for … Leer más

‘The Whole Concept of “Blue Wall” States Is Kind of Over’

“The whole concept of ‘Blue Wall’ states is kind of over because of these suburban shifts,” said Anna Greenberg, the Democratic pollster whose research often centers around suburban women voters. “Certain states are more in play for Biden specifically because of the suburbs. I’m thinking about Arizona, Georgia and North Carolina. In some ways, those … Leer más

The GOP’s identity crisis – POLITICO

POLITICO Illustration/Matt Chase A question from a high schooler left POLITICO chief political correspondent Tim Alberta stumped: What does it mean to be a Republican? Alberta talks with Scott Bland about whether the Republican National Convention answered that question this week — and how Donald Trump has shaped the party’s future. Subscribe and rate Nerdcast … Leer más

Black Lives Matter goes big on policy agenda

Protests are ongoing after the police shooting of Jacob Blake. Pro athletes are striking to draw attention to racial injustice. And BLM organizers are looking to channel that momentum into policy changes. “Certainly, this is a moment politically where I think so many of us are trying to see where the rebellions in the streets … Leer más

Sports stars’ intensifying activism is a blow to Trump

The Bucks’ decision prompted the NBA to postpone the remaining two playoff games on Wednesday and three more Thursday. Players in other professional sports leagues, including the WNBA, MLB and MLS and professional tennis, followed suit. NBA players met Thursday and voted to resume the playoffs, according to ESPN. ESPN analyst Maria Taylor called the … Leer más

The GOP’s pandemic health plan: Everything is fine

The guests gathered to hear Pence at Fort McHenry — including his 87-year-old- mother — were not wearing masks and weren’t tested for Covid-19. Like the convention’s other live audiences, it created an illusion that the danger has diminished, and a return to normal life is in sight. But whether Republicans convince voters that Trump … Leer más

Racism, sexism congregate on Trump’s Twitch channels during RNC

But while it’s known as the home of massive esports tournaments — in 2018, its livestream of the League of Legends World Championship pulled in a collective 28.1 million hours of live viewing — Twitch’s content has gone far beyond the category of gaming, expanding into livestreams of cooking, music festivals, live sports and talk … Leer más

Top Biden adviser agrees to voluntary deposition in GOP Ukraine probe

The interviews are expected to take place in early September. A spokesperson for Johnson, Austin Altenburg, said: “We are not commenting on our ongoing discussions with potential witnesses.” Hochstein declined to comment. Blinken, through a spokesperson, declined to comment. The forthcoming interviews are a victory for Johnson, who has viewed testimony from Blinken and Hochstein … Leer más