7 reasons Gavin Newsom has the worst job in politics

4. The California Dream is out of reach Despite all the wealth generated by Silicon Valley, Hollywood and massive agriculture and energy industries, California fares terribly on some basic measures of prosperity. Soaring poverty and homelessness, exacerbated by rocketing rents and a dearth of affordable homes, offer grim counterpoints to the California portrayed by Newsom … Leer más

Trump-world clashes over Barrett vs. Lagoa

The two sides aren’t openly warring; instead, disagreements are surfacing in their attempts to bend the president’s ear and generate favorable media coverage for their preference. But the discord reflects the GOP’s conflicting priorities six weeks out from an election that Trump could well lose. Barrett’s boosters include Marjorie Dannenfelser, who heads the anti-abortion rights … Leer más

Supreme Court justices pay tributes to Ginsburg

Justice Samuel Alito: Justice Ginsburg will go down as a leading figure in the history of the Court. She will be remembered for her intelligence, learning, and remarkable fortitude. She has been and will continue to be an inspiration for many. Justice Stephen Breyer: I heard of Ruth’s death while I was reciting the Mourner’s … Leer más

Supreme Court vacancy scrambles 2020 Senate map

Several Senate Republicans in competitive elections — McSally and Sen. Kelly Loeffler of Georgia, both of whom were appointed to their seats — immediately called for the Senate to vote on Trump’s nominee to the court. Other senators released statements praising Ginsburg’s life and service to the country, but did not say where they stood … Leer más

Washington remembers Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden: «Ruth Bader Ginsburg stood for all of us. She was an American hero, a giant of legal doctrine, and a relentless voice in the pursuit of that highest American ideal: Equal Justice Under Law. May her memory be a blessing to all people who cherish our Constitution and its promise … Leer más

What’s next in the Senate’s colossal Supreme Court fight

Does McConnell have enough time to confirm someone? Yes, if he has the votes. Since 1975, the Congressional Research Service estimates that it’s taken an average of 40 days for a Supreme Court nominee simply to get a hearing, let alone win the support of the Judiciary Committee and full Senate. But that timetable isn’t … Leer más

Was the TikTok face-off ‘security theater’?

Bill Kuchman/POLITICO Illustration After weeks of uncertainty following President Donald Trump’s executive order on TikTok, the Chinese-owned video app that has stolen the hearts — if not the data — of millions of teens has found an American partner: Oracle. But will it make Americans’ data any safer? POLITICO Magazine contributing editor Zachary Karabell and … Leer más

De Blasio furloughs mayor’s office staffers, and himself

De Blasio plans to work unpaid during his furlough, his office said. Other employees will not be expected to work while on furlough. The mayor has threatened to lay off 22,000 city employees, but has put that plan on hold amid hopes the state will give the city permission to borrow money and as he … Leer más

Trump’s allies back up his attacks on CDC chief

The shows of support for Trump came after the president contradicted Redfield’s testimony before a Senate committee on Wednesday, when the virologist told lawmakers that mask-wearing could be more effective than an eventual vaccine in containing the spread of the coronavirus. Redfield also predicted that while a vaccine could become available between November and December, … Leer más