6 Catholics, 1 Court: SCOTUS and the rise of the Federalist Society

Bill Kuchman/POLITICO Illustration Evangelicals make up a bigger share of the Republican electorate. But on the courts? It’s conservative Catholics who reign supreme. If confirmed, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, President Donald Trump’s nominee to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, would be the sixth Catholic justice currently sitting on the high court — five … Leer más

Has Elissa Slotkin Detected Early Hints of a Biden Blowout?

It wasn’t a difficult decision for Slotkin. The mantra of her campaign, repeated by everyone from junior staff to the candidate herself, is, “Our opponent isn’t Paul Junge; our opponent is gravity.” The fundamentals of Michigan’s 8th District are inevitably going to pull a Democrat back down; any opportunity to put distance between herself and … Leer más

De Blasio, Cuomo clash over NYPD reform

“He doesn’t have his facts straight. It’s just quite clear,” de Blasio said Friday on WNYC’s «The Brian Lehrer Show.» “If he wants to make personal attacks, he can do that. But he does not have his facts straight. Seven years of non-stop reform, and it’s time we have an honest conversation about this and … Leer más

Tuesday’s Debate: A Milestone in the History of Climate Politics

Wallace’s original question was whether Trump believes the scientific consensus about climate change in light of the fires burning in California; the president dodged it rather than repeat his recent assertions that the science can’t be trusted and the earth is about to start cooling. When Wallace pressed him to clarify whether he accepted that … Leer más

Debates commission says it will roll out format changes for Trump and Biden’s remaining showdowns

President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden look out to the audience at end of the first presidential debate. | Win McNamee/Getty Images By POLITICO STAFF 09/30/2020 01:35 PM EDT The Commission on Presidential Debates announced on Wednesday that the prior night’s face-off between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden … Leer más

Opinion | No, They Shouldn’t Cancel the Debates

In past elections, the town hall has provided some of the more memorable debate moments: Bill Clinton walking into the audience to ask a woman to describe her concerns; President George H.W. Bush glancing impatiently at his watch; Al Gore striding over to “invade” George W. Bush’s space in 2000, to be met with a … Leer más

Chamber of Commerce and top political strategist part ways amid turmoil

However, the Chamber of Commerce offered a different version of events, saying it had fired Reed «for cause.» «An internal review has revealed that Reed repeatedly breached confidentiality, distorted facts for his own benefit, withheld information from Chamber leadership and leaked internal information to the press,» a Chamber spokesperson said in a statement. «We have … Leer más

Barr’s Justice Department serves up talking points for Trump

“These actions are not typical,” said William Jeffress, a veteran defense lawyer who represented former President RIchard Nixon after he left the White House. “Tradition is that politically sensitive actions by DOJ go dark at least 60 days before an election.” Jeffress called the Justice Department’s unusual press release last week regarding a handful of … Leer más

James Baker’s 7 Rules for Running Washington

Sometimes, more aggressive strategies of press management were required. In 1990, treacherous weather nearly derailed a superpower summit with the Soviets, which had been set to take place aboard ships in Malta. When the logistics debacle threatened to become the narrative, Baker, by then the secretary of state, told Tutwiler to immediately feed the media … Leer más