He fought corruption in Russia. ICE wants to deport him.

He decided to flee Russia for a country where he assumed he would find protection: the United States. Duralev entered the U.S. on a tourist visa in November 2015 and applied for asylum two months later. He was awaiting a decision on his asylum application, which allows him to legally remain in the U.S. until … Leer más

New York mayor suspends officers involved in man’s suffocation death

“Mr. Daniel Prude was failed by the police department, our mental health care system, our society and he was failed by me,” Warren said. She said the officers would still be paid because of contract rules. Messages left with the union representing Rochester police officers were not immediately returned Thursday. Prude’s death happened just as … Leer más

How New York City’s schools plan fell short

But the lack of any real support for his schools reopening plan is based on more recent history: a series of missteps in how schools responded to the Covid-19 pandemic and little transparency on how the city planned to keep kids, teachers and administrators safe in the coming school year. One source familiar with the … Leer más

Deputies fatally shoot Black man in L.A. who dropped gun from bundle

“He was in possession of a firearm and did assault a deputy,” Dean said. Family members at the scene identified the dead man as Dijon Kizzee, 29, CBS-Los Angeles reported, but the sheriff’s department said it could not immediately confirm his identity. Police say the handgun was recovered and no deputies were injured. TV news … Leer más

Belarus opposition leader: Dozens disappeared after protests

«What I want to tell is that a lot of people in Belarus now are political prisoners,» Tikhanovskaya said, speaking by videoconference. «They just are in jail without any court, and they are in there only for their, I don’t know, for their wish to talk about what’s going on in Belarus, about their desire … Leer más

DHS watchdog clears top Trump official of stonewalling IG probe

In a letter Monday to acting DHS secretary Chad Wolf that was also shared with several key Capitol Hill committees, James Read, the DHS IG’s counsel, said that the watchdog’s office is retracting that memo. The original memo did not have “an adequate factual basis,” Read’s letter said. DHS has also agreed to reimburse Ciccone … Leer más

Never mind Navalny, Germany won’t get tough with Russia

Critics of the chancellor say that continuity is exactly the problem. In the face of countless Russian aggressions in recent years — from the annexation of Crimea to the assassination of a Chechen rebel in broad daylight in central Berlin — Merkel has stressed time and again the importance of engaging Vladimir Putin in “dialogue.” … Leer más